Update: Red Line service resumes to North Hollywood

Update: Sheriff’s deputies reopen the North Hollywood station at 5:13 p.m.

What was happening: North Hollywood Red Line station was closed for an hour during LASD investigation.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. activities that began at 4 p.m. at North Hollywood Station have cancelled subway service to North Hollywood but service continues without delays on the rest of the Metro Red Line. Trains continue to Universal City and return from that station. Passengers exiting at Universal Station can catch Metro Bus Line 224 to North Hollywood. Orange Line buses are currently being extended to provide service between Universal City and North Hollywood, then to Warner Center.

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  1. People complain too much!!

    If this was an emergency situation, what’s the big deal? Would commuters rather that the situation was rushed?

    Are the drivers supposed to be notified of every situation that is going on in LA county? Is it SAFE to have the drivers bombarded with that much information? Personally, I would rather they were left to concentrate on driving!

    I think its part and parcel of riding public transport… If you dont like it get back in traffic..

  2. Been there done that at least two times and it is inconvenient. However, it is an emergency situation. Both times that I was “stranded” on the subway and had to ride a “special” bus to get to Universal or North Hollywood, I did get home. Be brave commuters…we are going through tough times. All who ride mass transit are making it that much easier for all of us to go to and from real jobs.

  3. Moe is exactly right regarding the chaos at the Universal City Station Friday eveining. I was one of those passengers stranded at the Universal City Station for about an hour. It’s very nice to see how Metro treats its customers like second class citizens.

    I was very disappointed at the way the situation at Universal City Station was handled. It was a complete embarrassment and very unprofessional. I strongly suggest training your employees in customer relations, if you have such a training course, and keep your customers informed and in the loop.

  4. Station attendants should be at all stations so that information to customers is more accessible. People need information, and the current system does not work well enough.

    If not at all stations, the most heavily used ones, like North Hollywood, Universal City, Highland, Vine, 7th Street, Union Station.

    • Yes, an unattended package was reported a little before 4 p.m. Sheriff’s deputies closed the station to investigate. The package was rendered harmless and LASD cleared the station without incident. The station was reopened to passengers at 5:13 p.m. and Red Line service was restored to North Hollywood.

  5. In 2010, there is no reason why a company can’t provide decent information to its customers. After being told to get off at Univ Studios Station, one bus arrived for 300 people. After waiting and waiting for another bus the #150 arrived passengers were asking if the driver went to NoHo he started yelling no take the redline as if he had no clue about the situation. There was no communication with the passengers about anything. Once somebody in charged finally arrived a woman had to tell him to inform the crowd of what was going on, and even then he didn’t have the courtesy to walk over to the crowd and speak to us like human-beings –he yelled something from the middle of the terminal that most didn’t hear with a dumb smirk on his face. It was completely unorganized. I’m pretty sure by the time the “special bus” came to pick up the stranded passengers the police dispute was probably over, but again since there was no communication we wouldn’t have known. I didn’t arrived until 5:15 via the “special bus” and when I left univ. studios there were at least enough people left to fill 2 more buses. Very unprofessional by the whole staff involved.

  6. Details please!
    What happened? Why has the station been closed for so long?..
    Has someone been arrested? Robbed? we’d like more information. Thanks!