Power outage on Blue Line delays morning commute

Good idea dept: As noted in our real-time service alerts @metroLAalerts on Twitter: Delayed by the morning Blue Line disruption and need verification for employer/school? Call Customer Relations 213.922.6235 / Fax 213.922.6988. Stay tuned: Here’s our post on how to get Metro service alerts via text message. (Update added 9 a.m.)

A loss of traction power at 6:50 a.m. this morning on the Blue Line stalled service between Florence and Imperial stations, sending some morning commute passengers to nearby buses. Green Line passengers who transfer to the Blue Line were advised to use the Silver Line or take alternate routes from various boarding locations. Power was restored to tracks between Florence and Imperial stations at 7:30 a.m. Minor delays of up to 10 minutes continue for a short period of time as train service resumes normal operations.

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  1. Maybe in the future Metro could post the delay verification letter as a pdf on the source and include a link via twitter? Customers who are already late to work because of the delay might not be able to spend the time to call (or fax??) Customer Relations. I imagine that the uptick in call volume also impacts Customer Relations response times. The online verification letter option could remedy these two problems.