gets updated with an improved Service Advisories page

The Metro web team has revamped the Service Advisories feature on with an interface facelift and improved functionality to make it easier for Metro bus and rail riders to stay on top of service issues that may affect their travels.

What’s new? Here’s a list of features that have been rolled out:

  • Filter by mode (bus, rail, special)
    Allows customers to view advisories be specified modes. Only ride Metro Rail? Choose rail from the dropdown menu and filter out the bus advisories.
  • Filter by date
    Allows customers to view service advisories by a specific date. So if you know you have a big meeting coming up you can check ahead to see if there are any planned service advisories that may affect your trip.
  • Current and upcoming advisories
    Complimenting filter by date is the ability to view upcoming service advisories (more than a week in future) in addition to current advisories. On the main service advisories page the current advisories are display, but an additional column lets you see if a given line has any upcoming advisories.
  • Better organization
    In addition to filtering features, the service advisories page has been reorganized to make information easier to find. Instead of a long list of advisories with full descriptions all on one page, the list has been truncated. Wordy descriptions have been replaced with succinct headlines that link to a page with a more detailed description of the advisory.
  • Live service alerts and Trip Planner integrated onto Service Advisories page
    Customers don’t have to search for other useful features when viewing service advisories – the @MetroLAalerts Twitter feed and the Trip Planner are now included in the sidebar of the Service Advisories page.

Access the Service Advisories feature directly from the homepage of – it can be found in the sidebar or from the top menu under Rider Tools. You can also access the page directly by going to

So what do you think of the updated Service Advisories feature? As with most features on, feedback is encouraged so that the service can be improved to better serve customers. Leave your comments here on The Source or contact the web team directly using this form.

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2 replies

  1. WHY does Metro put changes regarding some bus lines that only occur on “school days” as a “Service Advisory”? If its a “one-time only” issue, it should NOT be taking up space as a PERMENANT “service advisory” (e.g. what occurred for 12/07 is OVER NOW!).

    • Hi John,

      Posting the “school day” service advisories is a requirement mandated by the Federal Transportation Administration, hence their appearance on the Service Advisories page.

      You’re right that the out-of-date notice should not be there, I’ve alerted the folk in charge of the advisories. Thanks for your feedback.

      Fred Camino
      Lifestyle Blogger, The Source