Metro Board of Directors agenda now online

The Board of Directors have their final meeting of the year on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at Metro headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the agenda.

A few items of interest that the Board will tackle:

•(Item 15) The Board is scheduled to vote to approve the final environmental impact report for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project — i.e. the rush-hour bus lanes for Wilshire between Centinela Avenue and just west of downtown L.A. Here’s a post looking at the project. Keep in mind that the final environmental study also needs to be approved by the city of L.A. and L.A. County.

Another decision before the Board is whether to remove the planned bus lane from about a one-mile stretch of Wilshire in the Condo Canyon area of Wilshire. Residents there have argued that putting the bus lane in one of the general traffic lanes will hinder traffic in the area as well as exits and entrances to residential buildings. Here’s a recent post about the federal funding issues involved. The Brentwood Neighborhood Council has asked that no bus lanes be built west of the 405. Here’s L.A. Streetsblog’s coverage.

•(Item 4) The Board is scheduled to vote on a motion by Board member Richard Katz, asking Metro to develop a green building strategy. The idea is to find a way to build big transit projects with equipment that pollutes less.

•(Item 10) This motion by Board member Antonio Villaraigosa would provide free Metro service outside of rush hour for students in Los Angeles County for eligible student activities — i.e. field trips.

•(Item 12) This motion boosts funding for the 710 corridor project by about $5 million to perform additional study as part of the project’s draft environmental report. Here’s a recent post explaining the project; among the alternatives being studied is widening the 710 between Long Beach and the 60 freeway and possibly adding truck-only lanes.

•(Item 20) This motion by four Board members — Diane Dubois, Pam O’Connor, Ara Najarian and Antonio Villaraigosa — asks Metro CEO Art Leahy to report to the Board in February on a meeting with the Los Angeles County Municipal Operators Assn. about adopting a regional fare system. Such a system would allow passengers to pay fares and transfer between transit operators in L.A. County using their TAP cards.

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