Dining map update: Cake and then burgers near Metro

Okay, we heard your cupcake cries and we feel for you … and agree with you, for the most part. A few transit-accessible places follow:

Renita Anderson likes Sprinkles, the chi-chi cupcake emporium in Beverly Hills. Their cupcakes are seriously beautiful, if a bit pricey. She also likes Toast Bakery Café on Third Street in West Hollywood. Toast also serves breakfast, if you’re not in the mood for cupcakes. But why wouldn’t you be?

Dots Cupcakes in Old Town Pasadena or on Arroyo Seco, also in Pasadena “also have pretty fabulous cupcakes,” Nedra Jenkins wrote. And both can be reached via the Gold Line.

Jared recommended My Sweet Cupcake along the Gold Line at Mission Station. They also serve vegan cupcakes.

We also tried Yummy Cupcakes on Magnolia in Burbank. (Metro local 183 goes right by.) And someone recently mentioned the excellence of Buttercake Bakery on Sunset in West Hollywood. Anyone know?

For details on all of these places and more, go to the Metro Dining Map on The Source. Or to recommend others email us at sourcemetro@gmail.com.

Next stop: Burgers. Know any good spots?