Agency selects first segment to be constructed on high-speed rail line

The Board of Directors of the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) voted today that a 65-mile stretch of track between Madera and Corcoran in the San Joaquin Valley will be the first to be built for the state’s bullet train project. That stretch also includes Fresno.

The vote was hardly a surprise. The staff of the CHSRA had recommended that segment be built first and the federal government had said that all funds it has provided to the government thus far must be used to construct track in the San Joaquin Valley.

Here’s a link to the press release with more details from the CHSRA. The goal of the agency is to first build an Anaheim-to-San Francisco segment before expanding the system to include Sacramento and San Diego.

2 replies

  1. This does make sense as a starter as it is essentially the backbone of the system both in distance and speed. They can use this as the initial test track and for demonstrating the system in general.

  2. Good leg to start with. It is more symbolic than anything else that high speed rail is underway. And a much better start than building Anaheim to LA..