Transportation headlines, Tuesday, Nov. 23

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Residents express concern over Gold Line yard in Monrovia (Monrovia Patch)

As part of its deal with Metro, the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority has to build a maintenance yard along the line between Pasadena and Azusa. Monrovia has emerged as the likely candidate, but some residents have said they’re concerned about living near such a yard. As these things go, this dispute is downright genteel compared to conflicts on, for example, the Westside concerning transit projects. Still, this is an issue that has to be solved if the Foothill Extension is to open in 2014, as officials have said it will.

East-west tunnels under the 405? (Calacanis)

I like new ideas and I had never heard this one before: build tunnels on some of the big east-west streets on the Westside that go under the 405. The idea is that the tunnels would serve express traffic that didn’t want to deal with all the tie-ups that occur near the freeway.

Eight ways to create better streets in Eagle Rock (Eagle Rock Patch)

The two big streets through Eagle Rock — Colorado and Eagle Rock boulevards — are good at moving cars. But, the reporter opines, they don’t do much for pedestrians or creating a nice environment for people. Among some ideas: using a lane of Colorado for a bus rapid transit project connecting to nearby Glendale and Pasadena.

Subway cars on Venice Boulevard? (Plus Metro)

Anyone who travels around the L.A. area sees their share of showbiz props and sets. Jung Gatoona spots half a subway car and puts two-plus-two together to figure out which movie it came from. Check it out. Hint: it’s a superhero movie and the first two were really good and the third installment a total disaster.

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