KPCC hosts "Living Car-Free" web chat at 3pm

Join KPCC and Siel Ju, better known as the Green L.A. Girl, at 3pm for an hour long web chat on living car-free in Southern California.

What will be discussed? From Siel herself:

“We’re interested in hearing your thoughts about how we can make car-free, or at least very car-lite, living a possibility for more Angelenos. How can we get more people experiencing L.A. outside the car? What would make car-free living not just possible, but enjoyable?”

One thing our Why You Ride surveys have revealed is that many Source readers are car-free, or are eager to become car-free. This is your chance to share your thoughts on the topic with the local media.

A few special guests will be at the chat, and some of your Source writers may even show up.

Head over to the chat page at 3pm to join the discussion.

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