Wilshire bus lane final environmental study posted online

Here’s the link to find the study.

Metro’s staff also issued their recommendations for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project last week. Here’s our post from Friday with details on the proposed project, which would add rush hour bus lanes in the curb lane to 8.7 miles of Wilshire Boulevard, mostly in the city of Los Angeles.

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  1. Hi Tornadoes28,

    Assuming the current Measure R timeline, the Subway won’t reach Westwood for almost thirty years. (Hopefully 30/10 will receive the funding it needs, but it’s not a sure thing.) As it is right now, converting these lanes to transit-only lanes during rush hour will move more people, and significantly faster, than the current arrangement.

    And with the Federal Government kicking in 70% of the $32M cost, this project has a lot of bang-for-the-buck right now and over the long haul, even if the subway covers some of the same area down the road.

    –Carter Rubin

  2. I have not read the report. I know the Wilshire subway is years away from completion but I don’t really understand why these bus lanes are being proposed when we will be building a subway? Are the bus lanes meant to be temporary until the subway is complete? If not than IMO it is an unnecessary waste.