Free shuttle connects Bob Hope Airport and Red Line station in North Hollywood

UPDATE 07/01/15: The free shuttle service is no longer offered on weekdays. During that time, BurbankBus now runs an all-day route between the Red Line station in NoHo and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. A free shuttle is still offered on weekends and holidays. More information is available here.

We’re a little behind the news on this one — my apologies — but we just got word that a free shuttle began operating on Nov. 1 between the Red Line station in NoHo and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. The press release from the airport is after the jump.

The shuttle doesn’t run at regular intervals — passengers have to phone first and request it (details are on the press release). It’s part of a three-month trial and is being operated by SuperShuttle, the private service, in conjunction with the airport.

The Metrolink Ventura County line and Amtrak share a station at Bob Hope Airport. But some transit advocates and business interests have long called for the Red Line to connect with the airport, as the subway operates for longer hours and much more frequently than commuter and intercity rail. In fact, further study of a Red Line connection to Bob Hope is in Metro’s long-range plan, but it’s in tier 2 of the strategic unfunded projects portion.

In plain English, that means it’s a project that’s very far down the list and must be further evaluated before planning ever starts.

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  1. What about parking at the NoHo Red line station? Is long term (holiday) parking allowed there if I park to take the shuttle to Bob Hope airport?

  2. There is no economy parking on Airport lots for $2. The daily economy rate is $9.

    As for free shuttles, we’re also offering free shuttles between the Airport and the Downtown Burbank Train Station. Hopefully this will make sense for rail travelers on the Santa Clarita Metrolink line who would like to get to the Airport.

  3. Burbank Bus runs a free bus between the North Hollywood Red Line station and Burbank Airport Monday-Friday from 6:30-10:30 a.m. and from 2:30-7:00 p.m., but this will greatly expand the hours that service is available–it should be a very useful connection.

  4. Is there a free place to park my car at/near the airport so I could then take the shuttle and redline downtown?