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And when it comes to complaints, the best way to get them addressed is to use the Customer Comment Form on Metro.net. There you can provide all the detail needed so that customer service reps may best address your problems.

Complaints and criticisms:

Kythera More of a bad trend: Waited at Slauson/Alviso starting at 8:55am, bus at 9:08, arrival at Fox Hills Mall at 9:32. Not good. #metrolosangeles

anyonebutgil @metrolosangeles at temple/alvarado. lady was saying shed been waiting 30+ mins for 10 bus. didnt believe her until 3 10 buses IN A ROW came

reubenduarte There something intrinsically wrong about the @MetroLosAngeles bus stops in Beverly Hills that make riders wait on wet grass or dirt…

kenyaw #annoyingfactoftheday if you are transferring btw @metrolosangeles #Greenline & #BlueLine you have to leave the station to buy a txfr ticket

blinkie Another day, another broken credit card reader at Lake Station. @metrolosangeles #transitfail

SevenPhoto @metrolosangeles my bus driver stopped to ask a street vendor about cell phone accessories while I was running late for work…wth!!???

ghostgirl13 The further south you go in LA, the worst @metrolosangeles service seems to get. Been waiting 30 minutes for a bus due 15 minutes ago…

JimmyDiesel @metrolosangeles bus 6519 was 15 mins late to it’s stop at SM & Vermont and then the driver parks and pees for 20 mins???

sirinya47 On a @metrolosangeles 720, just got out of Beverly Hills. So slow!!

StephanieLantry @metrolosangeles If my card with a monthly pass doesn’t work are the drivers required to patronize me when I tell them? That’s twice now.

StephanieLantry Been waiting 45 min for the 705 in WeHo, I’ve seen 2 “not in service” go by. What an efficient alternative to owning a car! #Metrolosangeles

Kythera Once again, it takes from 9:08 to 9:30am for the 108 to get from Slauson/Alviso to Fox Hills Mall. Not a good trend, @metrolosangeles.

estebanuribe Somehow being 30 mins earlier at the bus stop = get to work only 10 minutes earlier #fail @metrolosangeles

joeTOCIE i was so close to letting my @metrolosangeles frustrations out. then the bus got here 🙂

CoasterMatt Higher fares and lousier service than anywhere in the known universe – that’s @metrolosangeles

pilyoc @metrolosangeles n regards to detours bad driver on bus 7422 line 705 didn’t pick up on compton/vernon stop. let her manger know please!

wiyum @metrolosangeles just because it’s the 28 line doesn’t mean you’re supposed to wait 28 minutes for it. poor OTP for line 28/728 so far today

AlaiaWilliams @metrolosangeles Can you fix the mobile site. the fact that it wont work is killing me!

trixywh @metrolosangeles I hate public transit in LA, people who decide the routes/times have never used it! Get out of ur cars!

6miSE_DTLA @metrolosangeles Day of Dead in ELA via Gold Line = Great! Not able 2 load $3 to Tap card = not great. System updated soon? #metrolosangeles

JeffPlease The @metrolosangeles bus is late. Sad times.

Kudos and compliments:

Waltarrrrr Now I’m at a #PunkRock show at The Echoplex in Echo Park! Thanks @Metrolosangeles for not failing me tonight.

kenyaw And we’re back! Travel w/shuttle & @metrolosangeles fr #LAX to #DTLB 1 hour Cost $3.00 Ease of travel=Priceless http://plixi.com/p/55650316

Kythera 108 ran like clockwork this morning. Huzzah! o/ More of this please! #metrolosangeles

brian_scully Okay, @metrolosangeles. Today, I give you credit. Studio City -> Universal City -> Union Station -> LAX, no wait longer than 2 min. Awesome.

victoriabernal Our calavera-selves riding Gold Line last night: http://bit.ly/9S8aLl. @MetroLosAngeles made Dia De Los Muertos so much easier this year!

adam_murray1023 @metrolosangeles with the economy bad and only having 1 car metro gets me to jobs, interviews and everywhere in between.

mcnattums @metrolosangeles blueline willow to 7metro 4 work. Saves gas, time 2 read, and gives me material http://www.today-on-the-train.com

Good ideas and observations in transit, after the jump.

Good ideas:

film_skooled @metrolosangeles it’s #catching! 😉 BBC News – Who, what, why: How to get off a busy train http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11676437

justinsullivan Los Angeles @metrolosangeles needs about 10 more trains just like the Gold Line. #transit

HLP90042 “9” -number of random bikes on the 11pm @metrolosangeles Gold Line out of Pasadena tonight. If only there were racks on board. @BikeMetro?

RedEbbm Inbound train to van ness to transfer to n Judah and on 44 north. San Fransisco transit is brilliant. Take notice @metrolosangeles!

anahr @metrolosangeles badges would be nice… “Metro & @Foursquare: Can check-ins boost ridership?” (via @greenlagirl) http://bit.ly/bURXnd

Observations in transit:

GayTownKTown Lots of sheriffs @metrolosangeles #redline Hollywood & highland http://plixi.com/p/55930039

kenyaw Nice concept – @metrolosangeles cleaners ride the train from station to station (good). Unfortunately they only clean stations not trains

kenyaw Crush load on @lax_official shuttle 2 #Greenline. Who says no one uses transit in LA? @metrolosangeles we need #railtoLAX & #CrenshawLine

tykejohnson diggin the random lapd officer getting on the bus 2 check w/ the driver if e’rthings goin all right. #metrolosangeles safety image campaign?

tykejohnson There’s nothing more promising for the future of @metrolosangeles than seeing hot babes riding the busses solo. #gometro

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