Bus detours in Civic Center area this morning due to LAPD funeral

There are numerous bus detours in the Civic Center area of downtown Los Angeles this morning due to the funeral for Los Angeles Police Department Officer and U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Joshua Cullins, who was killed last month while serving in Afghanistan.

For passengers exiting the Civic Center subway station and others connecting to Metro Buses in that part of downtown, here is the rundown of detours from Metro’s bus operations:

Line 2, 4 East – using Spring to First to Hill, then south on Hill (board at Hill/First).

Line 4 West – using Broadway to Cesar E. Chavez, then west on Cesar E. Chavez (board at Broadway/1st).

Line 10 (Route 48) East – using First to Hill, then south on Hill (board at Hill/First).

Line 10 (Route 48) West – Using Hill to Second, then west on Second (board at Hill/Second).

Line 81, 90 (Route 91), 94, 794 North – using Hill to Second to Figueroa, then north on Figueroa (board at Hill/Second).

Line 81, 90 (Route 91), 94, 794 South – using Figueroa to Second to Hill, then south on Hill (board at Hill/Second).

Line 92 North – using Main to First, then west on First (board at First/Hill).

Line 92 South – using First to Spring, then south on Spring (board at First/Hill).

Line 445 North – using First to Main to Temple, then east on Temple (board at First/Hill).

Line 445 South – using Los Angeles to First to Hope, then south on Hope (board at First/Hill).

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  1. This information would have been useful BEFORE I left for work this morning, at 6:00 am. Funerals are planned and having this information YESTERDAY would have been much better then today after my commute was finished.

  2. You forgot to mention bus line 96. Because of the detour the bus 96 was dropping people off downtown approximately 15 minutes late.