Daily transit forecast for Tuesday, Nov. 2

For a complete list of planned service advisories please visit the Service Updates page on Metro.net. And for the latest service alerts follow @MetroLAalerts on Twitter.

Blue Line

Due to Expo construction work after 8:15pm, trains run every 30 minutes.

Northbound trains leave Transit Mall at 8:16pm, 8:46pm and every 30 minutes through 10:46pm, then 11:21pm. Trains from Transit Mall to Wardlow leave at 11:43pm, 12:13am, 12:43am, 1:18am, 1:25am and 1:43am.

Southbound trains leave 7th St./Metro Center at 9:15pm, 9:45pm and every 30 minutes through 11:45pm, then 12:20am, 12:27am and 12:45am.

Dates: Through Nov. 4.

Green Line

Due to track maintenance after 8:30pm, westbound trains will leave 8 minutes earlier than regular schedule.

Trains will depart Norwalk at 8:42pm, 9:02pm, 9:22pm and every 20 minutes until 12:02am, then regular schedule.

Dates: Through Nov. 4.

Gold Line

Due to vehicle testing after 9pm, Northbound trains from Union Station to Pasadena will leave 7 minutes later than regular schedule.  Trains will leave at 9:01pm, 9:21pm, 9:41pm and every 20 minutes through to last train at 12:01am.

Dates: Through Nov. 3.

Line 217

Trips due at Fairfax & Melrose at 315p, 318p, 312p & 324p will be cancelled due to early school dismissal. Two additional trips have been scheduled to depart Fairfax & Melrose at 12:53pm & 12:56pm.

Dates: Today only.

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3 replies

  1. I need to be in court at 9:30am on Hill and First, 11/3/10. There is going to be a funeral for the LAPD officer who was killed over seas at the Cathedral on Hill and Temple. I am planning on taking Bus line #94. Will there be delay/alternate route?

    • Hi Laura, I’ve sent an email to operation to see if I can get an answer to your question. In the mean time a possible alternative route is to take the 94 to Hill/College (Chinatown) and alight there and transfer to the Gold Line Chinatown Station (a 5 minute walk down College St.) and then transfer to the Red Line at Union Station and alight at the Civic Center Station. Of course, you’ll want to build some extra time in your schedule for the transfers.