Daily transit forecast, Tuesday, Oct. 26

Blue Line

Due to Expo construction work after 8:15pm, trains run every 30 minutes.

Northbound trains leave Transit Mall at 8:16pm, 8:46pm and every 30 minutes through 10:46pm, then 11:21pm. Trains from Transit Mall to Wardlow leave at 11:43pm, 12:13am, 12:43am, 1:18am, 1:25am and 1:43am.

Southbound trains leave 7th St./Metro Center at 9:15pm, 9:45pm and every 30 minutes through 11:45pm, then 12:20am, 12:27am and 12:45am.

Dates: Through Oct. 28

Red/Purple Line

Due to maintenance after 8:30pm, trains will operate on a different schedule.

Westbound Red Line trains run 4 minutes earlier than regular schedule, leaving Union Station at 8:53pm, 9:13pm, 9:33pm and every 20 minutes until 11:53pm, then 12:17am.

Eastbound Red Line trains run 5 minutes later than regular schedule, leaving North Hollywood at 8:39pm, 8:59pm, 9:19pm and every 20 minutes until 11:39pm, then 12:02am and regular schedule.

Purple Line NOT operating Union Station to Wilshire/Vermont; Purple Line Shuttle in effect Wilshire/Vermont to Wilshire/Western only.

Westbound Purple Line trains leave Wilshire/Vermont (lower  platform) at 9:08pm, 9:28pm, 9:48pm and every 20 minutes until 11:48pm.

Eastbound Purple Line trains leave Wilshire/Western at 9:02pm, 9:22pm, 9:42pm and every 20 minutes until 12:02am.    Metro apologizes for the inconvenience.

Dates: Oct. 26.

Gold Line

Due to maintenance occurring after 9pm, trains will run every 20 minutes.

Southbound will leave 3 minutes earlier than regular schedule.  Trains from Sierra Madre Villa will leave at 8:37pm, 8:57pm 9:17pm and every 20 minutes until close.  At Lincoln Heights and Heritage Square stations, all passengers should use Platform 1.

Dates: Through Oct. 28.

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