Yaroslavsky motion asks for more safety information on possible subway route under Beverly Hills High

The Metro Board of Directors is scheduled Oct. 28 — next Thursday — to vote on a route for the Westside Subway Extension and to consider the draft environmental study for the project. The vote will determine what route is examined in the final environmental study, which is required before construction can begin.

Metro staff have proposed to study two station locations in Century City in the final study– at Santa Monica Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars and at Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars. The Constellation station is opposed by the city of Beverly Hills because it means that the subway would have to be routed under a few residential homes and Beverly Hills High School.

Here is the motion written by Supervisor and Metro Director Zev Yaroslavsky, asking for more information on a possible route to Constellation:

Planning and Programming Committee
October 20, 2010

Motion by Director Zev Yaroslavsky

Century City Station Options for the Westside Subway Extension
Item 7

As part of the Westside Subway Extension recommendation, staff has proposed that both the Santa Monica Boulevard and Constellation Station Options be carried forward for further study in the FEIR before a preferred station location is selected.

Geotechnical studies have determined that the station option at Santa Monica Boulevard would be located directly above a seismic fault. They further state in their report that the analysis completed by the release date of the DEIS/DEIR has not led to a conclusive recommendation regarding the feasibility of a station at this location.  They therefore recommend further review and analysis.
With regard to the Constellation Station Option, staff is silent as to the what will be reviewed and analyzed.  The Constellation Alignment option that is recommended by staff, Constellation North, would require that the alignment pass beneath 4 residential properties and Beverly Hills High School.  The community has expressed their concerns that this proposed alignment would adversely impact the school due to: risk of settlement, noise, vibration, future development plans, risk from oil wells on the property, and that the school is the City’s emergency evacuation center.  They are also concerned about the safety of the students and faculty.

It is imperative that during the FEIR process staff thoroughly address each and every one of these concerns and analyze and evaluate the risks associated with having the tunnel pass beneath the high school.
I, THEREFORE, MOVE that during the FEIS/EIR preparation, staff fully explore the risks associated with tunneling under the high school including, but not limited to the following:  risk of settlement, noise, vibration, risk from oils wells on the property, impact to use of the school as an emergency evacuation center, and overall risk to students, faculty and the community.

I FURTHER MOVE that Staff continue to work closely with the community and the City of Beverly Hills and provide them information from these analyses as soon as they become available.

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  1. Both parts of the motion are appropriate with a caveat:

    Regarding Beverly Hills HS:

    Suggest that the Board first consider whether and to what extent staff has already considered the concerns
    expressed by the City of Beverly Hills and the community, with special attention paid to safety.

    While its unfathomable that these matters have not already been studied and considered, due diligence requires that take place

    Regarding the Century City station option:

    Why did staff reserve an option to consider two Century City locations pending further study? What was on their minds and what did they plan to study?