Transportation headlines, Tuesday, October 19

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

In the news: L.A. Green District Competition, L.A. Car Culture vs. Urban Culture, What’s Wrong With Airport Connectors?, Crumbling America: $2.2 Trillion, and more

210 Basket Bridge Coming (Arcadia’s Best)

“The design of the so-called Iconic Freeway Structure (IFS) bridge of the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority over the eastbound 210 Freeway heading into Arcadia is nearly complete, with only final engineering tweaks to artist Andrew Leicester’s design before work begins on the bridge featuring woven baskets, ” reports Scott Hettrick in the local Arcadia’s Best  e-publication.

Check it out: Item includes a rendering of artist Andrew Leicester’s design.

Our View: L.A. Mayor’s Push In Washington May Speed Transit Projects (Pasadena Star News)

A Pasadena Star News editorial credits Los Angeles’ trail-blazing 30/10 Initiative for the momentum building up in Washington to invest in transportation projects.

“That’s why Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s proposal to build 30 years’ worth of transportation projects in a decade is so exciting. Los Angeles County may see the fruits of our investment in record time, while creating much-needed jobs and saving public money by building during a recessionary lull in construction,” say the editors.

This summary has a local angle with a practical wish list ready to go.

Car Culture vs. Urban Culture (L.A. Observed)

Kevin Roderick’s blog provides the text and link to his radio column podcast last night on KCRW.  There is a “big divide in Los Angeles between those who see L.A. as a car culture city and those who crave a more transit-fed urban culture,” said Roderick.

Is there common ground, or, maybe room for improvement? Listen in.