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Kythera Stood at Slauson/Alviso waiting on the westbound 108 from 9:10 to 9:26. Not looking like a good morning… #metrolosangeles

Quyntin @metrolosangeles do your job, be on time. thnX a bundles

cindymariej 96 bus @metrolosangeles just cut off 3 lanes of traffic at Rowena/Fletcher to make a left turn #311

CarlessValGirl #metrolosangeles, I need to be honest w/ you. The reason I’ve not complained about service lately is because I’ve been riding my bicycle.

ActOut Why does it have to be announced on the @metrolosangeles bus “Stop requested” and to use rear exit, but not what the next stop is? Grr! #fb

CoasterMatt Once again, at the mercy of @metrolosangeles and it’s wonderful system. I wonder if the drivers paychecks arrive as sporadically as the bus?

Grahas @metrolosangeles UGH! That does not go far enough west. it should go to VA and beyond. The city of Los Angeles will never get anything right

dhunter682 @metrolosangeles Please work to reduce the stop-and-go operation of the Red line – it’s very unpleasant.

GayTownKTown @metrolosangeles recommends purple line sans Crenshaw – sad day 🙁

kapope @metrolosangeles, the 108 into the Marina (which is scheduled every 3 hours on weekdays) is late again.

Kythera @metrolosangeles All three of these guys are still in the net. It’s been an awfully long time… http://twitpic.com/2xtdwe


amysmythe 2nd week of riding @metrolosangeles to work. best part-avoiding freeway traffic and still having a half tank of gas in my car

Kythera KWOOHOO! The 9:02 @ Crenshaw/Slauson108 was right on the button, today! 😀 #metrolosangeles

RobertMoranLA My home is where I feel welcome. Because of the #metrolosangeles transit system, LA is where I feel welcome and thus at home.

JMoNGE ♪Manu Chao ♪ + @metrolosangeles = 🙂

Good ideas:

@LisaPatricio @DougBenson I wish the red line had wireless. I may have attempted the standby line. Hey @metrolosangeles, wireless?

hnjohnso Yay for the Big Blue Bus being on Google Transit but when will Foothill Transit be back? @metrolosangeles

Observations in transit:

@sirinya47 @metrolosangeles, the crazy guy in this pic picked up a drain grate and threw it at the a 720, bus #9270 http://twitpic.com/2yv5ju

sirinya47 And this is the damage inflicted by that violent man on @metrolosangeles 720, bus #9278. Driver doing good job. http://twitpic.com/2yv6il

jonthelam Taking the @metrolosangeles the whole week. Not because I don’t want to ride in the rain but because I’m choosing not too.

el_dude going @metrolosangeles to LA Beerfest!!!!

ZachBehrens Tonight’s ride on the @MetroLosAngeles Red Line back to the Valley was mostly @DowntownArtWalk and @LAOpera folks.

eddiethelazor It rarely happens but sometimes you get stuck with foreign currency. A @metrolosangeles vending machine game me an Ecuadorian 25¢ centavo.

frankyhernandez @metrolosangeles these are the people that destroy your reputation of bus cleanliness http://bit.ly/8WXfm8

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  1. I’d like to take a moment to praise my bus driver on 9270 again. Her badge number was 71945. She refused to let the non-paying-turned-violent bus driver onto the bus. She was gracious in providing customer service, reassuring us even as she herself was shaken (I mean, someone threw a STORM GRATE at our bus and aimed it at her!) I could tell Metro trained this driver well.