Transportation headlines, Friday, Oct. 15

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Beverly Hills remains ‘strongly concerned’ about Westside Subway Extension route (Beverly Hills Patch)

Mayor Jimmy Delshad writes a letter to Supervisor Don Knabe — who is also chairman of the Metro Board of Directors — saying the city has a preference for a subway alignment that remains under Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards. The city has concerns about a route that would go under Beverly Hills High School in order to reach a Century City station at Avenue of the Stars and Constellation. Delshad also writes more comments from the city are forthcoming.

States pushing for federal gas tax overhaul (Wall Street Journal)

One proposal making the rounds would replace the current 18.3 cents per gallon tax with a 8.4 percent tax per gallon. That could increase revenues by more than $40 billion annually and help pay for projects that would be part of the next federal transportation spending bill, which may finally be debated next year. The current tax has been in the place since the 1990s and revenues have been dwindling — as the number of new and repair projects keeps climbing.

A dim view of the Desert Xpress (alttransport)

The backers of the proposed bullet train between Las Vegas and Victorville have been invited to seek federal loan guarantees for their project. That leaves this blog scratching its head, trying to figure out the point of a train that doesn’t connect downtown Vegas to downtown L.A. The train’s proponents say it could speed up that portion of the trip. It’s also worth noting that starting the train in Victorville avoids the hassle of getting the train up and over the Cajon Pass.

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  1. RE: High-speed train from Victorville to Las Vegas. From my point of view, what doesn’t make sense is why this train isn’t planned to run west from Victorville to Palmdale or Lancaster where it could hook up with the proposed LA-SF high-speed train. The issues of getting the Vegas train through the Cajon Pass are significant but you’d think these two projects would find a way to link up.