Shots fired into Metro bus at Inglewood bus stop kills passenger in what police are calling 'gang-related' shooting

Shots fired into a Metro bus at approximately 3:03 p.m. injured a passenger on board Line 115 in what Inglewood police are saying appears to be a gang-related shooting. The bus operator and 15 to 20 other passengers on board were not injured.  Police said a male approached the bus at a bus stop on the northeast corner of Manchester Blvd. at Crenshaw, firing several rounds into the right side of the bus and injuring an 18-year-old male who was transported to  Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  He later died of his injuries. Line 115 runs between Norwalk and Playa del Rey. The bus was westbound on Manchester Blvd. at the time of incident.

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  1. There is some context that I think is missing from our examination of this incident.

    1. That these incidents happen on buses or trains is very rare. Gang activity is most closely related to personal automobiles, not public transportation. We have every reason to believe that this was an isolated incident, not an ongoing trend or the beginning of one.

    2. This is a gang-related shooting. While the biggest risk in this type of incident is the chance of an innocent bystander being hurt, the victim was in fact targeted because of the way he lived his life. As a regular law-abiding person, you have less to worry about when it comes to being shot, even in areas with relatively high crime.

    So relax.

  2. unless ciacci is a banger, i’d say (s)he has nothing to worry about. from the sound, this was premeditated, albeit bold. unfortunately, this is the world in which we live. i hope the onboard surveillance will be of use in solving this case. i empathize with the operator and passengers/witnesses . . .

  3. the police (inglewood i think) did arrest somebody. and i see cops on bikes and on the busses in inglewood all the time.

  4. Might I suggest more patrols throughtout the Metro district. Perhaps even more accountability from our contracted law enforcement personnel. I won’t say it, but you know the ole saying…….?

  5. That intersection is located in the Inglewood Family Blood gang (IFBG) territory, the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods (GMB) are closeby to the south.

  6. Makes me worry about taking the Future Crenshaw LRT home from the airport, the shooting was 3pm so imagine what could happen at 11:40pm coming home or going to the airport.

  7. Very sad news. As a Metro employee working on the design stages of the Crenshaw LRT project, this incident has once again shown how vulnerable bus drivers and patrons are, and in the future, rail operators and patrons. Although I realize there is nothing we as regular citizens can do, it certainly would help relieve our concerns if we were given updates (maybe monthly) on the police actions, up to and including the arrest of the murderer. When something like this occurs on our property, with our operators and patrons experiencing extreme violence, we in the Metro family, in addition to possessing a deserved amount of indignant rage, should be kept informed. It’s the least we should expect.

  8. Scary. I worked in El Segundo, so I ride the green line , then transfer to the 710, as I live in Koreatown.

    This is alarming!