Transportation headlines, Tuesday, Oct. 12

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

L.A. ready to spend New Jersey’s tunnel money (Bloomberg)

As was widely reported last week, the state of New Jersey has said it’s rejecting $3 billion in federal funding for a new tunnel under the Hudson River to increase the number of commuter trains that can run between the Garden State and Manhattan. While the feds are still trying to persuade New Jersey to take the money, the state is saying it can’t afford its share of the $11-billion-plus project. In the meantime, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said “It boggles my mind that a state could refuse that kind of investment. California, particularly Los Angeles, is ready to fill the void.”

Another segment of four-lane 395 opens in Eastern Sierra; widening enters 56th year (Caltrans)

Anyone who drives to Mammoth on a frequent basis knows that the two-lane portions of U.S. 395 can be downright scary and the road has had more than its share of terrible accidents. After a couple years of work, Caltrans has completed a $60-million widening on 11 miles of 395 between Independence and Manzanar. There still remains a 12-mile stretch of two lane in Inyo County north of Cartago. The widening of 395 began in 1955, by the way, and has thus far involved 20 different projects. There is also a scary 17-mile stretch of two-lane between Red Rock State Park and the turnoff to Ridgecrest.

Checking New York’s progress on the transpo front (The City Fix)

Take a look at the video below with the post that examines how the Big Apple has enhanced transit, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure during Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. There’s also a good roundup on a recent panel discussion about NYC’s efforts.