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loveandhatela @metrolosangeles #MTA u let a bus leave the yard without any working air conditioning? that is just mean- i #hate saunas fyi metro 66 #9418

GraphikDeziner Major @metrolosangeles #Fail on the Redline comin down today. It was the 405 meets subway stop & go 50 times. 35mins 2 h/h + nausea & no a/c

SimonOh @metrolosangeles Transit TV onboard buses are very annoying.

ghostgirl13 Sometimes I really do hate @metrolosangeles. Trains are running late & now the rapid bus is 10 minutes late.

Dianasauries Sometimes I want to stop using @metrolosangeles when they can’t keep stations w/a basic level of sanitation. Gross. #notworthit #gettingsick.

kapope @metrolosangeles, I wish the 108 ran more regularly in the morning (from Marina).

afrikantraveler @metrolosangeles is killing me right bow. 1 bus in 30 min that was stuffed and unboardable. No chance of getting to class in time now.

gbrey @metrolosangeles unhappy 733 w/plenty standing rm passed us on Fairfax/Venice. Ever heard of telling folks to move 2 the back 2 make room?!


trekntravel @metrolosangeles thank you for the redline alert tonight as it did more to explain problem than your station monitors.

RobertMoranLA I am riding on the Foothill Transit Silver Streak and laughing at all the people who are stuck in their cars in the rain. #metrolosangeles.

falling_icarus @metrolosangeles its rainy days like this, when the frwys are a mess, that I am glad I take the train in to LA.

Kythera Today was an excellent transit day! 😀 #metrolosangeles

After the jump, tweets from CicLAvia, some good ideas and one GREAT idea.


hnjohnso Back from @CicLAvia. It was awesome! Macho (my dog) and I walked from @macarthurparkLA to Hollenbeck Park and took @metrolosangeles back.

hnjohnso Also @metrolosangeles should have had more cars on the Gold Line for @ciclavia. It was super packed.

SimonOh Briefly spoke with a nice couple onboard a @metrolosangeles Gold Line train, both coming back from #cicLAvia. I need to learn to ride soon.

chuljin ‘don’t crowd!’ announcement at gold line stations, directed explicitly at cyclists. glad to see #cyclavia has @metrolosangeles‘ ‘support’.

Good ideas:

PeltFrelken LA Rapid needs this: NYC now has a rapid bus w/ streetside fare collection. http://bit.ly/9oLWcP Please, someone at #metrolosangeles c this!

helenbedd2 @abc7 Downtown LA bars & restaurants need to convince @metrolosangeles to stay open later!!

kapope @metrolosangeles, we need more places to replenish TAP cards using credit cards. Seriously.

GREAT idea:

trekntravel Hey @metrolosangeles please consider sending your twitter feeds directly into your metro rail station monitors and promoting twitter handle

Observations in transit:

tykejohnson Gotta love when #metrolosangeles 1st timers get a lunatic screamer to accost the bus and clear everyone off. Hope they give it another try.

RecessionistaLA A forthcoming column to our premiere @RecessionistaLA website/blog will be one on discovering LA by @MetroLosAngeles. Go Green, Go Metro!

Waltarrrrr You know you ride @metrolosangeles a lot when the day you’re driving around LA, see familiar buses and want to ditch the car and jump on.

kenyaw Continuing the @metrolosangeles transit tour. Today: #BlueLine to #RedLine to #GoldLine to #Pasadena

anahr ticket inspection this morning by @metrolosangeles police…kinda makes it feel more like a mass transit system

AnarchyGarden Sitting in LA trafficc for over an hour. @EpitaphSynchs has the right idea. He takes @metrolosangeles

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