A few pics from CicLAvia

I hope everyone who had a chance to attend CicLAvia had a good time Sunday — and I really hope this is not a one-off deal. I hopped on a Gold Line train in Pasadena at 10:20 and the train was absolutely stuffed with bicycles and people. Don’t see that every weekend morning.

The point of the exercise — besides literally exercise and fun — was to get people thinking about transportation and cycling’s role in it. If anything, CicLAvia reaffirmed for me the notion that the L.A. region doesn’t have to be beholden to any particular transportation future. A sincere congrats to the city of L.A. and all the CicLAvia folks who made today’s event happen.

Here are a few photos I shot during my pedal through downtown and nearby environs. Perhaps next year I’ll do a better job of capturing people’s frontsides. Sorry–I was excited to be out there.

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