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afrikantraveler @metrolosangeles is killing me right bow. 1 bus in 30 min that was stuffed and unboardable. No chance of getting to class in time now

sunny_Menagerie @metrolosangeles we should get refunds on our passes when the metro makes us late to work…bus has been mia for 15 mins #slitmywrist


Kythera I REALLY miss the days when the 232 left LAX at 9:55 instead of 10:08. Sigh… #metrolosangeles

WhipMahHurr @metrolosangeles whichever bus driver you have on the 212 route that just passed Hollywood/Orange just passed me up standing there! Rude.

PirateErin Worst choo choo driver ever @metrolosangeles #redline #toomanyquickstops #randommidtunnelstops #nauseous

chasingwillow @metrolosangeles You should know that the Blue Line bus bridge is a screaming #fail Going from 7th&Metro to Washington takes an hour

SevenPhoto Do the bus drivers have control of the volume of this nonsense???? I’m getting a headache, I can hear it even my ipod @metrolosangeles

anyonebutgil @metrolosangeles police stopping traffic just north of wilshire and alvarado. #200 bus having to detour around westlake ave. argh. delays.

PirateErin Ridin on the @metrolosangeles DAMN!! I feel like a sardine on in a small can #rushhour #claustrophobia

Kythera This week’s installment of Adventures in Laundryland begins with our heroine waiting for…a late bus! Dun dun dunnn! #metrolosangeles

A few compliments, observations and some good ideas, after the jump.


el_dude The gold line conductor on the 6:09 train from Union is a refreshing original! Tell him to keep it up! #Metrolosangeles

biminiroad Train arriving that isn’t filled to capacity! Woohoo! /cc @metrolosangeles

Transit technology:

DavidCMurphy The LA County TAP (transit card) site taptogo.net is one of the worst sites ever. #MetroLosAngeles should take it over & redesign ASAP.

Observations in transit:

SimonOh Life is a highway and I will ride it all night long…but only if a light rail line runs along the median of it #metrolosangeles

MarciaGraham things I don’t love … @metrolosangeles in a surprise rain storm when I don’t have an umbrella or a hoodie. 🙁

ryanwhitacre Thank goodness I ride the @Metrolink and @MetroLosAngeles trains. #NoOneKnowHowToDriveInTheRainInLA

cristal19 Just took @metrolosangeles to see Tom Petty at the Hollywood Bowl! What should I do with the $21 I saved on parking, and 45 mins getting out

Good ideas:

gilberthasnotwa @metrolosangeles should have a bus pass discount for emergency service workers.

mamimaria @metrolosangeles I would really love it if you offered metro student cards for homeschoolers. More ridership if you did that.

Grahas @metrolosangeles all of your lines should be heavy rail. The gold line is way 2 slow & could use higher capacity trains

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