Why You Ride: K, Windsor Hills

Why You Ride (or Don't)Why You Ride (or Don’t Ride)‘ is a series where you, our faithful readers, share your transportation routines in L.A. and your thoughts on how to make things better – read more about the concept here.

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Who You Are:

Name: K
Occupation: Quality Assurance Tester
Location: Windsor Hills

Your Transit Routine:

How often do you take transit and for what purpose?

Every day, to get to and from work, or to get wherever I need to go on the weekends.

Where are you typically traveling from and going to?

From Windsor Hills to El Segundo, or from Windsor Hills to Santa Monica.

What lines/routes do you take?

Metro 108, Culver City 6, Metro 232, Torrance 8

How long does it typically take?

On a good day, it takes about an hour for me to travel the eight miles from my home to my office, and vice versa.

Briefly, how would you describe your typical transit experience? Love it, deal with it, or hate it?

I deal with it.

On average, what do you spend each month on transportation?

Less than $50

Why do you take transit?

No other options. Even if I did not have a phobia about driving, I cannot afford a car.

Other Transportation:

Do you use any other forms of alternative transportation?

I carpool if I find somebody going the same direction I am.

Are you car-free? If so, why? If not, why not?

I cannot afford a car, and I am phobic about driving one.

Your Perspective:

If you could make one change to improve your transit experience, what would it be?

Buses that run closer to their determined schedules, or buses that run so frequently that the schedule doesn’t matter.

Given limited funds, how would you address L.A.’s transportation issues?

More bus lanes.

Do you think L.A. transit is better or worse since you started riding? What’s changed?

I don’t think it has changed at all. It has always been pretty poor in my experience.

How would you encourage Angelenos to use transit?

Improve the frequency and dependability of service so that taking the bus becomes a more efficient and reliable option than driving.

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