How to win the Perfect Match contest: pledge online for Rideshare Week

During national Rideshare Week (Oct. 4-8), Metro is encouraging commuters to park their cars just one day a week to save money, live longer and help the environment. As an added incentive, the agency is offering dozens of prizes from Best Buy gift certificates to video camcorders simply for pledging online to take public transit, carpool or vanpool, walk, bicycle or telecommute.

The American Public Transportation Association recently reported that the average solo driver in the Los Angeles region could save just over $10,000 annually by ridesharing. APTA also noted that those who take transit live longer, drive less and are healthier than those who are auto dependent because they walk more which increases fitness levels.

An individual switching to public transit also can reduce his or her daily carbon emissions by 20 pounds a day.

Go to and check out the 24/7 trip planner for public transit information or go to Metro Commute Services to learn about other rideshare options such as carpools and vanpools. Telecommuting, walking and bicycling are other ways to beat traffic. More and more cyclists are combining their trips with Metro. There are bike racks on buses and bike lockers and racks at Metro Rail stations.

While promoting national Rideshare Week, Metro’s efforts to coax commuters to rideshare at least one day a week is an ongoing campaign to help ease traffic on local streets and freeways. The Texas Transportation Institute reports that the average peak hour commuter here wastes more than 70 hours and $1,480 annually stuck in traffic.

Besides sponsoring its current “The Perfect Match” promotion, Metro recently invited riders to submit videos to help promote riding Metro. Check out the winning entries at

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