Service alert: Reduced speeds on Blue, Gold and Green lines due to extreme heat

Effective immediately, speed on the Blue, Gold and Green lines will be reduced to a maximum of 45mph until 8pm due to the extreme heat today

This is only precautionary measure to ensure the safety of patrons.

Speed reductions may result in a 5-10 minute delay.

A determination will be made by noon tomorrow as to whether a similar speed restriction will be warranted on Tuesday.

Metro apologizes for the inconvenience.

2 replies

  1. Yesterday the 27th. At 5:30 heading to Norwalk from RB. During the trip the train stalled and was almost like it was convusling due to stop start for about 2/3 rds of a mile. At least the air was working, good thing since the train was packed. The trains normally have unlimited power, though, since the train was so packed. The motor(s) were straining to accelerate. Heat is always hard on electrical equipment. Reducing speed was a good call. Glad the train made it to Norwalk. Would of hated to get stuck on such a hot day.