Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Sept. 22

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

TV comes to the NY subway (New York Times)

For now it’s just one line — the S train between Times Square and Grand Central Terminal. The small video screens are part of an advertising campaign to promote TBS’s baseball playoff coverage and were allowed on the trains as a way for the New York system to increase ad revenues. It’s the first time TV screens have invaded the New York subway system, but they’re also found on PATH trains (thank you, New Jersey!) and in some other cities.

VISA TAP cards (Marketwatch)

This press release from VISA explains the new combo Visa/TAP cards available to customers. The gist of it is that passengers can preload these cards with an amount of their choosing and then use it as both a TAP card and Visa card. Metro says it’s convenient for those who don’t have regular credit cards. And, of course, it extends Visa’s reach into the credit card market — if customers go for it.

Illinois legislators want high-speed to be high-speed (Chicago Tribune)

Some public officials are cheesed that the so-called high-speed trains between Chicago and St. Louis will run at a max speed of 110 mph, up from the current 79 mph. In their view, high-speed — at a cost of $1.2 billion dollars — should be a lot faster. One issue is that Union Pacific owns the corridor and doesn’t want bullet trains interfering with its freight operations.

For today’s transit musical interlude, we turn to Duffy and her “Warwick Avenue,” which includes some references to the London tube — although it’s not clear if she really wants the train to show up or not or if she means “train” when she sings “train.” Then again, when it comes to girls, I’m kind of a blockhead.

Timid and aggressive drivers cause traffic jams, scientists say (Telegraph)

From the Department of No Kidding: researchers conclude that those who drive too slow or too much like idiots often cause those around them to de-accelerate. That in turn can have a shockwave-like effect that slows traffic down as much as 20 miles in back of the original idiot drivers. The implication is that a few dud motorists can really screw things up for everyone.

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  1. Oh, very nice! Can one obtain one of these cards at stations? And how long has this program been going on?

  2. I have not seen these available at any stations. Looks to me like you have to apply for one here:

    (Requires a Social Security Number so LA Metro can REALLY track your movements)

    And then I notice in the Cardholder Agreement:

    That there are a bunch of fees associated with this card, including a $4.95 per month “maintenance” fee, which may be found to be illegal in California: