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joeTOCIE dont tell me i ran for nothing this morning… @metrolosangeles 91 make up your mind with schedule!!

brian_scully Bus now over half an hour late. Seriously, @metrolosangeles? Seriously?

markhud Sad how I can’t afford to take the bus @metrolosangeles any more after the regressive rate hike. The old $5 was bad enough, but $6/day!?!

CarlessValGirlBus 165 heading East was 20 mins late & is now going over the speed limit to make up for lost time. Is that how you roll, #metrolosangeles?

thelittlefella Morning started out great with a scone on my way to work only to lose $3 to @metrolosangeles tix machines. #publictransitfail

Kythera Hm. Late 108 again tonight. Is there something gumming up the route between Marina Del Ray and Culver City? #metrolosangeles

CarlessValGirl Because it would be a crime to arrive on time, bus 230/239 heading south is 7 minutes late. Roadwork on Nordhoff, maybe? #metrolosangeles


thebusbench #metrolosangeles using loudspeaker technology to inform Florence Blueline of delays & options. GOOD! Being decent is a good start Metro.

Kythera Oh good. The 232 still managed to leave on time. 🙂 #metrolosangeles

EVtakeover Every #metrolosangeles bus this weekend has been on time, keep it up!

wiyum kudos to MTA #metrolosangeles !! Moving 754 SB start pt from Vermont/Sunset to Hollywood Bl best decision ever! No walk penalty from 780!

RobertMoranLA after reading @theresamoretti tweet. I have to say another advantage of riding #metrolosangeles is not getting stuck in LA traffic.

ccjao I think it’s good customer service day or something. Good some quick feedback @metrolosangeles today too 🙂

SimonOh @MetrolinkOC thank you for coordinating with @metrolosangeles to have all trains wait for us. You’ve saved my life!!!

CoasterMatt Hey @metrolosangeles – The Orange Line is AWESOME- When is the extension to Chatsworth Station coming?

@CoasterMatt, the Orange Line Chatsworth Extension is forecast open in summer of 2012. In the meantime you can follow the project page on Metro.net.

Good ideas, observations and some criticism of The Source, after the jump.

Good ideas:

thebusbench @metrolosangeles please also announce the shorter red line trains and that they are pulled up on the platform via loud speaker.

anathemabooks @metrolosangeles it would be so helpful if it was easier to tell which trains are Red or Purple. Red stripe on purple trains doesn’t help!

Observations in transit:

CarlessValGirl “Music and drugs make the whole world go ’round.” So says a patron on the Orange Line. What am entertaining ride. #metrolosangeles

imsevenfeet http://twitgoo.com/1ow0pe I totally just hit my head ducking through the door of the #metrolosangeles Red Line! It happens

cindymariej Why I didn’t take @metrolosangeles is beyond me

Feedback on The Source:

thebusbench You know @metrolosangeles the Flyaway doesn’t go to El Monte Station, maybe you should let your “Source” know that.

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  1. I’m a regular bus rider & I know there has to be MORE rants than are displayed here. I think this site would crash if they put the REAl number of rants MTA gets on a regular basis.

    • I try to grab most, if not all, the rants tweeted each week (except those that are filled with profanity). For me to find your tweet, it must include @MetroLosAngeles or #MetroLosAngeles.

      Fred Camino
      Lifestyle Writer, The Source