Daily Transit Forecast for Tuesday, Sept. 21

For a complete list of planned service advisories please visit the Service Updates page on Metro.net. And for the latest service alerts follow @MetroLAalerts on Twitter.

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Red/Purple Line

Due to maintenance after 8:30pm, trains will operate on a different schedule.

Westbound Red Line trains run 4 minutes earlier than regular schedule, leaving Union Station at 8:53pm, 9:13pm, 9:33pm and every 20 minutes until 11:53pm, then 12:17am.

Eastbound Red Line trains run 5 minutes later than regular schedule, leaving North Hollywood at 8:39pm, 8:59pm, 9:19pm and every 20 minutes until 11:39pm, then 12:02am and regular schedule.

Purple Line NOT operating Union Station to Wilshire/Vermont; Purple Line Shuttle in effect Wilshire/Vermont to Wilshire/Western only.

Westbound Purple Line trains leave Wilshire/Vermont (upper platform) at 9:08pm, 9:28pm, 9:48pm and every 20 minutes until 11:48pm.

Eastbound Purple Line trains leave Wilshire/Western at 9:02pm, 9:22pm, 9:42pm and every 20 minutes until 12:02am.

Dates: today only

Blue Line

Due to Expo construction work after 8:15pm, trains run every 30 minutes.

Northbound trains leave Transit Mall at 8:16pm, 8:46pm and every 30 minutes through 10:46pm, then 11:21pm. Trains from Transit Mall to Wardlow leave at 11:43pm, 12:13am, 12:43am, 1:18am, 1:25am and 1:43am.

Southbound trains leave 7th St./Metro Center at 9:15pm, 9:45pm and every 30 minutes through 11:45pm, then 12:20am, 12:27am and 12:45am.

Dates: through September 21st

Gold Line

Due to maintenance occurring 10am to 2pm, trains may be delayed 3-4 minutes between Union Station and Lincoln Heights.

Dates: through September 23rd

Line 2

Eastbound Line 2 at Sunset & Allenford. Trips starting at 2:05pm will be canceled due to early school dismissal. One additional trip has been scheduled to depart at Sunset & Allenford at 1:45pm.

Westbound – trips starting at Sunset & Allenford at 2:05pm will be canceled. Three additional trips have been scheduled to depart at Sunset & Allenford at 1:45pm.

Dates: today only

Line 28

Trips starting at Olympic & Muirfield at 3:13pm, 3:15pm, 3:19pm & 3:21pm will not operate. Tuesday September 21st & 28th, four additional trips will operate from Olympic & Muirfield at 1:42pm, 1:44pm, 1:46pm & 1:48pm. Please refer to the timetable for the regular schedule or call 1-800-266-6883 for general service information.

Dates: today only

Line 10

The trip starting at the West Hollywood Library at 3:09pm will operate as a non-school day trip and depart at 3:15pm. Also, the school trip starting at Melrose & Fairfax at 3:18pm will operate 1 hour, 27 minutes earlier than the scheduled time shown on the timetable.

Dates: today only

List of ongoing service advisories after the jump.

Line 30

The westbound stop at 1st St. & Judge John Aiso will be relocated one block north to Judge John Aiso and Temple St at existing stop serving Lines 40 and 42.

Dates: ongoing

Line 201

Effective March 15 and lasting approximately 4-6 months, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) will close Silver Lake Dr. between Angus St. and Rowena Ave. During this time, bus stops along this portion will not be served. The detour route below will be in effect.

Line 201 will use Silver Lake Blvd. from Silver Lake Dr. to Glendale Blvd. Buses will use Line 92 stops in both directions along the detour route.

Work schedules are subject to change. Look for brochures titled ‘Line 201 Service Change’ on buses. Click here to view map and additional information

Dates: ongoing

Line 460

Northbound Line 460 serving 37th Street Station will be rerouted due to Expo Light Rail construction at Adams Blvd & Flower St. Southbound buses are unaffected and will continue to serve 37th Street Station southbound platform.

Northbound buses will detour via 39th Street HOV off ramp to Figueroa St. Buses will make a northbound stop on Figueroa St at 37th St – Exposition Blvd, far side at existing stop serving Lines81, 102, 200, 442, and Metro Silver Line.

Dates: ongoing

Line 577X

Line 577X will be rerouted due to major construction activities at the interchange of the I-10/I-605 Freeways. At El Monte Station, passengers will now board and alight on the Lower Level Bus Plaza. Please note this line will no longer serve the Upper Level Bus Plaza at El Monte Station. Click here to view map and additional information.

Dates: ongoing