Why You Ride: Jay, Hollywood

Why You Ride (or Don't)Why You Ride (or Don’t Ride)‘ is a series where you, our faithful readers, share your transportation routines in L.A. and your thoughts on how to make things better – read more about the concept here.

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Who You Are:

Name: Jay
Occupation: County employee
Location: Hollywood

Your Transit Routine:

How often do you take transit and for what purpose?

4-5 days per week, to and from work site.

Where are you typically traveling from and going to?

Hollywood/Highland to Civic Center.

What lines/routes do you take?

Red Line.

How long does it typically take?

20 minutes.

Briefly, how would you describe your typical transit experience? Love it, deal with it, or hate it?

I deal with it.

On average, what do you spend each month on transportation?

$50 – $100

Why do you take transit?

Save wear/tear on my car, try to lighten my carbon footprint and it’s cheaper than paying for parking my car near the office.

Other Transportation:

Do you use any other forms of alternative transportation?

Just my personal vehicle.

Are you car-free? If so, why? If not, why not?


Your Perspective:

If you could make one change to improve your transit experience, what would it be?

More rail to where I want to go, like Santa Monica and Venice.

Given limited funds, how would you address L.A.’s transportation issues?

MORE RAIL. Explore elevated rail like Disneyland or Japan utilizes.  Close streets to put in light rail lines if you have to.  The more rail lines provided, the less people will use their cars.

Do you think L.A. transit is better or worse since you started riding? What’s changed?

Better. It seems less people are on the Red Line in the mornings which means less standing on the ride downtown.

How would you encourage Angelenos to use transit?

Plan and implement mass transit rail lines and build them out faster. L.A. loves Hollywood – make the rail lines more like attractions and less like mobile villages for the homeless and panhandlers.

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