Poll: What type of mobile device do you use?

As Metro beefs up its mobile resources it makes sense to take a look at how transit customers are accessing the mobile web. Metro recently released an iPhone app, and the stats show that the iPhone is the number one mobile device used to access Metro.net – but Android devices bring a significant amount of mobile traffic to the site as well.

Plus, recent data shows that Android devices may be eclipsing the iPhone in smartphone market share. Is an Android app something Metro should be considering?

And we can’t forget the countless people who may not want to pay for the pricey data plans that come bundled with smartphones and choose to hold onto their trusty dumbphones. Those riders don’t have the luxury of fancy apps with GPS features but still need to access important information from the agency while on the go.

Metro’s recently redesigned mobile website should be accessible from virtually any web-enabled phone – smart or dumb – but as the agency moves ahead with its mobile initiatives, and shares its data with third party developers to design their own apps, we thought we’d ask Source readers (who are likely early-adopters of transit technologies) how you access the mobile web.