Readers want subway whether it impacts traffic or not

This one appears to have been a blowout, with the yes votes holding a huge lead over the no votes almost as soon as the voting began. (Here’s the link to the original post).

Can’t say I’m really shocked. For one, The Source is on a website run by a transit agency, so we’re probably predisposed to having an audience interested in having more mass transit in the L.A. area. Plus, I don’t think too many people were surprised to read in the media that the subway is not going to be a panacea for traffic on the Westside or across Los Angeles County.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to write about concerning the Westside Subway Extension, particularly now that its draft environmental impact statement/report has been released. If there’s anything you would like to see us focus on, please leave a comment with this post or email us at