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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

And when it comes to complaints, the best way to get them addressed is to use the Customer Comment Form on Metro.net. There you can provide all the detail needed so that customer service reps may best address your problems.


CarlessValGirl Bus 164 on Victory Blvd heading West… thanks for arriving 11 minutes late, & for making my day that much more stressful. #metrolosangeles

SevenPhoto @metrolosangeles can someone radio in to my bus driver and tell him to stop slamming on the brakes when there’s no one in front?

joeTOCIE where is mr. Line 91?? @metrolosangeles failing again…

felixhaufe @metrolosangeles Is it really necessary to play music and commercials on your buses? I want it to be quiet sometimes too. #customer #service

SevenPhoto I hate you @metrolosangeles for making me late for my movie date at @barnsdall. So mad. #bus #fail

EVtakeover The #metrolosangeles 150 departing universal at 11:35p just drove off without picking up!

greylurk Did all of the Blue Line trains break over the weekend? Now boarding my third Blue line train from Long Beach to Imperial. @metrolosangeles

falling_icarus @metrolosangeles worse blueline commute ever this morning. Our train has had to stop for more a few minuets at every stop. #fail

Unfinished business:

Kythera @metrolosangeles It’s been a couple of weeks, and those dead birds are still up in the netting @ LAX bus ctr. One’s getting skeletal… 🙁

@Kythera, looks like your customer services calls went unheeded. We’ll see if we can force some action on this rather gross issue.


sirinya47 @metrolosangeles, @juan_Matute and I are celebrating our engagement with a gold line bar crawl. Every train has been on schedule!

kenyaw @metrolosangeles thanks for the heads up on service delays earlier today. I love it when a public agency new media plan comes together!

christashima So great when the train arrives just after I step on the platform. Sunset/Vermont > Mariachi Plaza in 28 min. via @metrolosangeles

sirinya47 On a @metrolosangeles 920 #7333 with the nicest driver who loves my Xootr.

Metro Q&A:

PeltFrelken @metrolosangeles I noticed you have downloadable Pocket Guides in 10 languages. Do you have one in English? http://bit.ly/bJ6S6S

@PeltFrelken, good observation. I’ve contacted the Metro web team and they’re going to get the English version up on the site. Thanks for pointing that out.

Transit technology:

reinix @metrolosangeles Hello!Fix your TAP… things. I have a College Fall Pass, and it doesn’t work sometimes. I had to pay full fare today 🙁

Observations in transit:

jmossinca Whoever thought it was a good idea to board the bus smelling like a compost heap clearly has a flawed thought process. #metrolosangeles

koffiekommie http://twitpic.com/2od8th – There’s a small dog on board the Metro Blue Line Train! @metrolosangeles

Good ideas:

RedEbbm #metrolosangeles needs to focus on students. Still young and willing to change more easily. Giving way to new generation of transit riders.

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4 replies

  1. Hey Fred,
    Thanks for featuring my tweet regarding my and my fiance’s Transit-Oriented Engagement Bar Crawl. We were so proud to showcase the dive bars of the communities of Pasadena, Cypress Park, Highland Park, and Little Tokyo primarily to friends who did not live along the Gold Line. (Two live near Del Mar station.) Amongst the places we visited included the Little Cave, which was delightful. When we descended upon Little Cave, it was nearly empty, so people: check out these great places along the Gold Line!

    • That sounds like so much fun Sirinya. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of the Gold Line as a “party line” but you’ve proven me wrong. If you like, feel free to share pic or two with us… and I’d love to know more of the spots you stopped at along the way.

  2. Re: Pocket Guides: All of the printer-friendly versions are already bilingual with English. It might be helpful to indicate that too.