Transportation headlines, Friday, Sept. 10

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Metro’s first app isn’t great, but there are other offerings (blogdowntown)

Echoing generally poor reviews on iTunes, blogdowntown finds that Metro’s new iPhone app isn’t much help in providing directions on how to get around downtown on transit. They’re hopeful for improvements, as are Fred and I. The blog finds the mobile version of the city of Los Angeles’ to be useful for its real-time arrival information for Dash buses.

Wi-fi, driving and city life (The Atlantic)

Wi-fi networks are expanding across the nation — which the author sees as a new form of infrastructure. Problem is, that network is incompatible with another existing network: roads. Drivers simply can’t text, email, etc. But wi-fi works very well with transit and the author ponders whether the ability to be online will persuade some people that life is better where there’s more transit and wi-fi.

Human heat from subway to heat Paris apartments (Popular Science)

It’s just a test, but the city is going to try to trap the heat emitted by passengers in a Metro station and use it to help warm 17 apartments above ground. If it works, it would be a 33 percent reduction in greenhouse gases generated by the building’s boiler heating system.

Today’s transit-themed musical interlude comes from Elvis Presley and his song “Promised Land.”

Subway will Manhattanize the Westside (CityWatch)

The author says subway planners should have considered the possibility that virtual presence technology will make having to get around town a moot point — we’ll all just be enjoying an advanced form of telecommuting from our homes. And he predicts mega-dense corridors to sprout along the route — even at Crenshaw & Wilshire. Yes, that’s the same intersection where there may not even be a subway stop. And then there’s this annoying little fact: can someone please show me a spot along the existing 79 miles of Metro Rail that looks like Manhattan? Please send those doctored pics to

2 replies

  1. That Manhattanization of the Westside article was hilarious!

    You don’t need “Virtual Presence” to buy a coffee machine at Target and have it sent to your Cheviot Hills(!!) home – it’s called “The Internet.” People have been shopping on it for years now. Might want to look into it.

    Also, last time I checked eBay hasn’t single-handedly reduced traffic by 30%.

    I’m surprised the article didn’t mention taking your hovercar from your mansion to your office. Surely that will eliminate future surface traffic too?

  2. I so want a hover car — as long as it comes in a wagon, that is. For the camping stuff — just tie the thing to a tree and I’m off…Just sayin’…

    Steve Hymon
    Editor, The Source