Subway poll contemplates the really big question…

We had a lot of posts on The Source today, so I wanted to re-post the poll in case anyone missed it. Here’s a link to our earlier post providing more info on the subway vs. traffic issue.

Thanks to everyone for reading and the thoughtful comments. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Why build the subway when people are going to get to ride it for free like the other lines that are already running. You have a “free” system in place because you don’t need a ticket to get on. The ticket stalls won’t be active for another 2 years and they aren’t at every station. We are giving away transit for free. Encouraging people to abuse the system as there is minimal enforcement for being caught with no ticket. It is a joke !

  2. When people ask you why I support the subway, I always say “Do you know of any of the world’s great cities that DON’T have a strong mass transit network?”

  3. I am for building he Westside extension, the same way I am for building an extension to the Burbank Airport via red or orange line, but 4 billion is a lot of money. My question is there a way to at least make it 3 billion by making the rest of the red line run above ground, or even build an entire new line that runs above ground that connects with the red line. If we can cut 1 billion, that 1 billion can goto the Burbank Airport extension.

  4. I think the study has been reported in a flawed way. It does state that there will be little improvement in the current traffic situation and this has been extensively reported. But doesn’t it also say that the situation will get substantially worse without the investment? This has not been mentioned at all.