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Revised April 11, 2022

We want to hear what you have to say about transportation in Los Angeles County and we encourage a thoughtful, civil and entertaining discussion by readers on our comment board. It’s fine to disagree with our posts and other readers, but we will insist on civility. Here are the rules:

• All comments will be approved by Metro before they’re posted. We’ll do so during business hours on most weekdays.

•No profanity, personal attacks, obscenities or pornographic material will be allowed. Nor will we tolerate harassment of readers and Source writers, impersonation, intimidation or abuse. And no advertisements.

• We ask that comments stay on topic and be brief. We may choose to limit the number of times any one person can comment per Source post.

• We will not post comments with false or unsubstantiated allegations or material that we believe may be inaccurate or false. Nor will we post comments that we believe could compromise public safety or Metro operations.

• The comments board may be a representative sample of comments we receive. We don’t want the comments board to be the same few people dominating the conversation.

•Please do not put links in your comments. We’ve had issues in the past with links going to inappropriate material and we don’t have the time to check other websites.

•Please keep in mind that the Source comment board is for the public and Metro customers.

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4 replies

  1. Some people may be turned off by the commenting restrictions, but I welcome them.

    There’s no need for profanity, personal attacks or hijacking blog comments.

    And it’s always better to allow comments than not.