Why You Ride: Irving Pham, Eagle Rock

Why You Ride (or Don't)Why You Ride (or Don’t Ride)‘ is a series where you, our faithful readers, share your transportation routines in L.A. and your thoughts on how to make things better – read more about the concept here.

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Who You Are:

Name: Irving Pham
Occupation: Intern
Location: Eagle Rock

Your Transit Routine:

How often do you take transit and for what purpose?

I take transit to work and to areas where rail makes it accessible.

Where are you typically traveling from and going to?

Eagle Rock to Downtown L.A., Koreatown, West LA.

What lines/routes do you take?

I usually take the Gold Line from the Highland Park Station.

How long does it typically take?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to get from Highland Park to Downtown.

Briefly, how would you describe your typical transit experience? Love it, deal with it, or hate it?

I love it!

On average, what do you spend each month on transportation?

$50 – $100

Why do you take transit?

I take transit because it gives you a feeling of interconnectedness with the city. Driving around in a bubble of a car numbs your senses to your surroundings.

Other Transportation:

Do you use any other forms of alternative transportation?

Most of the time I travel by bicycle, so transit allows me to supplement my transit choices.

Are you car-free? If so, why? If not, why not?

I’m not car-free but I am car-lite. There are still a few instances when a car is more convenient, and I’m glad to have that option to fall back on.

Your Perspective:

If you could make one change to improve your transit experience, what would it be?

Real time arrival info for rail, and buses via phones would be amazing!

Given limited funds, how would you address L.A.’s transportation issues?

I believe rail will help change the perception of public transportation, but we also shouldn’t neglect buses either.

Do you think L.A. transit is better or worse since you started riding? What’s changed?

I feel like there has been a great change in the public’s perception of L.A. transit in the past few years, and the issue of rail and rapid buses have helped alleviate the notion that public transit is just for the poor.

How would you encourage Angelenos to use transit?

Try taking transit with friends, and to a fun destination. Although it might take a little bit longer, you will enjoy the company and the experiences that you will share on your Los Angeles urban adventure.

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