Could this happen here?

I was in San Francisco recently wandering around the Duboce Triangle neighborhood west of downtown. One of the Muni’s light rail lines runs through the area and I couldn’t help but notice that within a two-block stretch it hit what would likely be the perfect trifecta of controversy here in the L.A. area, as shown by the following photos:

Here the train runs down the middle of a residential street…

And then it passes within a few feet of a children’s playground in Duboce Park, albeit separated by a fence but with an adjacent pedestrian crossing with no gates….

And then the train heads into the Sunset tunnel underneath million-dollar homes.

Of course, this is the difference between building rail many decades ago and building it now. The Judah line was originally a streetcar line constructed in the early 20th century and later converted to a light rail line. So the city has literally had years to grow up around the train and grow accustomed to it being there.

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