Reader comments poll — vote now, please

There has been lots going on in recent days, so I wanted to re-post this poll one last time for anyone who may have missed it in the flurry of recent posts on The Source. At this point, readers seem to want comments and we hear you loud and clear.

Here’s the original post about my initial reluctance to have comments and here’s a foll0w-up with some good comments from readers.

And another reader comment, from Charles:

I voted ‘yes’ for sourcing a comment board and do realize and actually applaud you/Fred/others moderating it. You’re right, too often on other blogs, a few people dominate the discussion with multiple “serve and volley” rants ‘n responses, not to mention the off-topic comments by politically-oriented whackos.

Submitted for your consideration is the suggestion to limit individual comment on any particular post to one (1) comment and one (1) follow-up response to another point of view OR clarification. Period.

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