Poll: Is it time for The Source to evolve?

When we started The Source last fall, we decided not to allow reader comments. I was probably the most vocal person against allowing comments based on my experience running the Bottleneck Blog at the L.A. Times. Relatively few people seemed to write the majority of comments on that blog and often used the comments section to hash out long-winded policy debates, often relying on facts not easily checked.

Well, I’m beginning to change my mind. People are commenting on The Source on Facebook and Twitter and we get regular, interesting and thoughtful emails from readers. It is beginning to feel to me that allowing comments is a good idea, albeit with restrictions. This would have to be a moderated comment board. This is NOT going to be a free-for-all.

Before taking the next step, I wanted to know: what do you think? Would comments allow for a better Source experience? Would you use the comment board? Please vote — it will help us make a good decision. And feel free to email us at sourcemetro@gmail.com.

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