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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.


Kythera OHAI 9:16 @ Crenshaw westbound 108. You were only 15 minutes late this morning, as usual. #metrolosangeles

ActOut Male AA @metrolosangeles driver #72859 misses opportunity to serve & leaves cyclists standing. Messed w/the wrong cyclists! #fb #Metro

jmossinca @metrolosangeles Once again, stuck on a crowded line 4 bus creeping its way through Century City. We really need a bigger bus.

PeltFrelken @lotahooya Agreed on all points. Gold Line all-around is way too slow, & the Union Station to Little Tokyo is absurd. #MetroLosAngeles


CoasterMatt Public transit to Hollywood is a great call today. Thanks @metrolosangeles

PeltFrelken Gr8 commute via the Red Line to work on Friday. Los Feliz to downtown in <15 minutes. All of LA needs this (ah, someday). #metrolosangeles

KevinFerguson On @metrolosangeles blue line. Apparent close call w a ped just before imperial. Operator calm, really nice, asked if we’re ok. We’re fine!

Metro Q&A:

Mattyhere #givemeareason why #metrolosangeles can’t extend the Gold Line for an extra 30 mins for @FYFFEST?

@Mattyhere, here’s the reason, and not surprisingly it has to do with money: Extending Metro service hours is costly. Fares alone don’t cover the cost of what it costs to operate the service. The agency just grappled with a $250 million operating deficit, so severe that 20 percent of the non-contract positions were eliminated this spring among other cuts. Extending service hours would require approval by agency directors who are keeping a sharp eye on all budget expenditures.

Kythera @metrolosangeles What’s the best way to report dead birds in the netting at LAX City Bus Ctr? Several have been there about a month now. 🙁

@Kythera, the best way to report this issue is to e-mail customerrelations@metro.net or call (213) 922-6235. Customer Relations will check to see which agency is responsible for dealing with the issue.

kenyaw @metrolosangeles why does the TAP card have no cash purse? Now there is no way to load single rides @BayAreaClipper has it & it works great

@kenyaw, enabling a cash purse is in the works, and certainly one of the most requested features, but there’s a number of issues that have to be addressed before implementing it. You can read an in depth answer to this question in this roundup of the most commonly asked TAP questions that we posted in May.

Good ideas:

thebusbench Blue Line Ticket bought going towards Los Angeles should be good at Pershing, Civic, and Union Red Line Stations. So easy #metrolosangeles

thebusbench @metrolaalerts 76 bus just took a detour, maybe you should tweet that or something. Does #metrolosangeles get that 1,500,000+ take the bus?

FYI, there are about 1.2 million average boardings on the bus system on the average weekday.

Why I Ride:

MichaelAffeldt “@LAist: DUI Checkpoints in Echo Park & Encino Tonight: http://bit.ly/b6vzOe” @metrolosangeles #WhyIRide

Observations in transit:

themunson To the gent bumping Rick James’ Superfreak on @metrolosangeles at this all too early hour, I tip my cap in your general direction. Thank you

loveandhatela stuff on the @metrolosangeles line 18 bus: puppy in backpack, baby diaper funk and senior blasting Phil Collins on 80’s boom box #LA

sallywasmyride So sunburnt… Why is that lady wearing blue mascara? Oh the people you see on the train. @metrolosangeles

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