Help choose the winner of Transit Flicks Video Contest

Transit Flicks Video Contest

Seven finalists have been chosen for the Transit Flicks Video Contest, and now it’s time for you to decide which video is worthy of the Grand Prize: a free EZ transit pass good for one year of travel on Metro buses, Metro Rail and many other carriers throughout the region. That’s a $1,008 value – not too shabby.

First runner up gets a free EZ transit pass for six months and second runner up gets a free EZ transit pass for three months. The remaining finalists will receive a free EZ transit pass for a month.

For those who missed it, here’s a recap: in June Metro and the other participating transit carriers in the county asked customers to create brief videos explaining why transit works for them and encouraging others to give it a try. Submitted videos were judged on their originality, believability and how well they convince others to try transit.

The seven videos chosen by judges from the participating agencies are the cream of the crop. I’ve checked them out and they’re all very good – choosing a favorite won’t be easy.

To view the videos and vote, head over to

Here’s a list of the entries and filmmakers:

My Daily Metro Routine
Entered by:  Teo Biocina

Flying On Metro
Entered by:  Ajay Johnson

The Heartbeat of LA
Entered by:  Faye Kingslee

Go Metro, Go Everywhere
Entered by:  Jonathan Maas

Entered by:  German Oliva

Entered by:  Daniel Pickens

Wanna Be in LA
Entered by:  Joshua Valdez