Metro installs video camera at Union Station bike racks

Video Camera installed to monitor bike rack area at Union Station P1 parking structure between the East Portal and Gateway Headquarters Building.

Bicycle commuters looking for more security when parking their bikes in the underground parking structure of Union Station’s East portal will be glad to hear that this week Metro installed a security camera to deter bike theft.

The live feed is monitored by Metro Transit Security, and the surveillance video recorded to aid in theft investigations by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Video surveillance sign at Bike Parking Area of Union Station.

There is also a sign in the bike parking area alerting potential thieves that they are being watched and that the area is under surveillance 24 hours a day.  People can report suspicious activity by calling the Sheriff’s Department phone number. The Sheriff’s Department will then work with Metro Transit Security to retrieve the video footage as evidence in any subsequent investigation.

There are currently 12 racks with the capacity to secure 24 bikes in this location. Metro hopes that more cyclists will feel safer parking their bikes with the security camera now monitoring the area.

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  1. […] The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA) installed video surveillance at Union Station’s underground bicycle parking area to deter theft.  Metro Transit Security monitors the live feed, and recorded video is available to local police to support investigations. Link to full story in The Source. […]