Metro and SCAG receive bike planning grant

An interesting nugget from Metro CEO Art Leahy’s daily email to staff:

Caltrans notified the Southern California Association of Government (SCAG) and us that we received a $150,000 Partnership Planning Grant to develop a Bicycle Data Clearinghouse for measuring and reporting existing bicycle usage in Los Angeles County. Collecting all available data and studies related to bicycling from around the county, and compiling them into a database, will establish the baseline for the clearinghouse. In addition, a standard methodology for estimating Vehicle Miles Traveled and Green House Gas Emission reductions will be further developed to calculate the reduction in vehicle use as a result of bicycling. The data and methods will provide a more accurate estimate of the current state of bicycling within Los Angeles County including bike-transit access. This effort will provide a valuable tool for us, SCAG and local jurisdictions to better plan for bicycling within the County.

I also expect there will be some biking-related data that will emerge as part of the 2010 census. Hopefully, the data will help provide a better picture of what’s-working-where.

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