Video: 3rd Metro Bicycle Roundtable

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The above video presents a short summary of some of the highlights of last Wednesday’s Bicycle Roundtable.

Cyclists, advocates and other stakeholders gathered at Metro headquarters for the third Bicycle Roundtable to discuss various ways to make Metro more bike friendly.

Here are a few notes from the meeting:

  • Metro maps are being updated to include bicycle information. By December rail maps will be revised with bike amenity information and large decals featuring the Metro bike map will be ready to start posting in selected rail stations with the scheduled updates.
  • A training video is being produced for bus operators on how to properly deal with bike issues.
  • Metro is currently in negotiations with the Hollywood/Vine developer to see if a bike room can be installed .
  • Stair channels – grooves that go along staircases that make it easier to take a bike up the stairs – are a big ticket item, but are being considered for the long term, possibly as a future capital project.
  • Someone suggested that Metro bike maps be provided to local bike shops and Metro staff responded enthusiastically. Any bike shop wanting Los Angeles County bicycle maps is invited to request them free of charge by going to
  • Buses and bikes were a hot topic – especially the idea of allowing bikes on board buses during off-peak periods. Metro Operations Managers called it a complex issue and noted that even when a solution is found, 5,000 bus drivers need to be trained. Everyone agreed that a systematic and incremental process – one that prioritizes certain bus lines – is needed. In particular, Line 761 was discussed.
  • For bikes on rail, new wayfinding signage is needed and two stations – the Imperial/Wilmington Blue Line Station and the Pershing Square Red/Purple Line Station – will be part of a test program to find the best wayfinding solution.
  • Improved passenger education was also mentioned as a requirement to ease the issues with allowing bikes on rail.

Everyone is encouraged to attend future meetings, which will be held on the following dates:

  • Bicycle Roundtable Policy and Planning Subcommittee  – Wednesday, September 22nd, 6:00 pm [add to Google Calendar]
  • Bicycle Roundtable Implementation Subcommittee – Wednesday, September 29th, 6:00 pm [add to Google Calendar]
  • Bicycle Roundtable Operations Subcommittee – TBD mid September  – watch for meeting notices on website.
  • Fourth Bicycle Roundtable – Friday, November 5th, 2:00 pm [add to Google Calendar]