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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.


youayntfresh @metrolosangeles You messed up my commute today. You really did. I can’t wait to get my car.

Kythera So the wetbound 9:16 @ Slauson 108 was its usual 10 minutes late, today. This has not been a good transit week. #metrolosangeles

thelittlefella @metrolosangeles the fare machines at union station gold line won’t accept tokens or change. It’s causing chaos and super annoying.

RobertMoranLA I have a love hate relationship with #MetroLosAngeles. In other words…I love to hate it.

Kythera Been waiting for the 108 eastbound @ Fox Hills Mall since 8pm. It is now 8:35 and FREEZING. Look to the 108, @metrolosangeles.

BigEyedMisha @metrolosangeles big fail.. 3rd and Fairfax bus stop full of angry and confused riders as 780 bus flies by without stopping. No 217 bus

MichaelAffeldt @metrolosangeles :: Trains are leaving too early from Wilshire/Vermont. Monitor says 7:14, and the 7:14 train has already come and gone.!

CoasterMatt Hey @metrolosangeles, when you hire bus operators, do you weed out everybody that might know how to read a clock?

bighandsome 720 bus rerouted on Olympic from 26th all the way to Robertson b/c of POTUS. Doubles my walk. Thanks for the warning @metrolosangeles

kitsunenoir @metrolosangeles decided to move my bus stop but wasn’t clear where. Bus driver just passed by 20 people waiting for their bus. #badservice


rebelrina @metrolosangeles Nearly PASSED OUT when the #4 line was on time today. Thank you! Can we have that happen on a regular basis now?

sallywasmyride @metrolosangeles thank you for getting me to my destination safely.

nbrunskill Day 7 without hopping into my car thanks to @metrolosangeles and @LAXCarShare!

LosAngelesCM Thanks @metrolosangeles for providing bicycle valet service today for the Mayor’s Bicycle Summit.

rebelrina Bus on time today! Thank you, @metrolosangeles


HLP90042 The lamp housings at @metrolosangeles‘ Highland Park Gold Line Station have been broken or missing for years. http://wp.me/p1Q8j-oP

Creolemommie Using @LAXCarShare and @metrolosangeles makes being #carfree a possibility!

lotahooya @plusMETRO Least used cuz Gold Line is a big “U” and it takes forever to get from Little Tokyo to Union Station #MetroLosAngeles

Gatoona Heading to LAX. Taking the #metrolosangeles RED > BLUE > GREEN > SHUTTLE. Wish the last step wasn’t there.

CourtneyLTucker This is why I love @metrolosangeles RT @latimes Gas prices hit highest levels of the year http://lat.ms/bhu3sg

Photos on the go:

HLP90042 Looking closely at the photo, for some reason the @MetroLosAngeles bus driver is camera shy. #90042 http://yfrog.com/55566fj

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