Subway poll, most readers want a VA Hospital station

As of 11am the majority of votes in our latest poll are in favor of a VA Hospital station at the currently planned terminus of the Westside subway, but it seems most people who voted don’t plan on actually using the station.

Here’s the current breakdown of votes:

VA Poll 11.13.03 AM

If you have yet to vote, please do so. Refer to yesterday’s post for a little background info on the issue.

Despite the numbers, most of the comments we’ve received so far are in opposition of the station.

Brian Miller shares his opinion:

A station at the VA Hospital would be a terrible waste of funds given that there is a great mix of high density office,retail and residential uses just to the WEST of the VA Property. A station at Wilshire/Barrington would make much more sense, as it would serve the high-density West LA neighborhood and still be close enough to the VA for shuttle service (for the veterans and visitors that will actually use the subway, once in a while, to get to and from the hospital).

We did receive an email in support of the station, from a former VA medical center employee, Robert Goldware:

As someone who spent his career working for a VA medical center, and as someone who interacted daily with veterans and their transportation needs, I can unequivocally say that a station AT the hospital would be a very smart decision.  Many of our veterans do not have easy transportation to their medical appointments and for them, this is as big an issue as is the actual receiving of their health care.  If it is built, they will definitely ride…

Some of the previous commenters have suggested that the station should be built at some distance from the hospital, such as at Federal or Bundy, implying that it is only a short distance from the hospital.  It is a fallacy to think that it would be used by vets if it is that far away.  Many many vets are infirm and have great mobility problems; just getting to and from the parking lot can be a challenge for these often elderly patients.  And don’t forget also that this station would also be used by employees…there are thousands there, the biggest facility in the entire VA medical system.

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