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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.


ryanwhitacre @MetroLosAngeles could you please REALLY fix the escalators at the Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station? At least 1 is broken every couple days.

bryanjaxson Having miserable 720 trip. #tap fail, lurching bad driver, passenger tossing trash out, fare evading, seat hogs on 9386 E @metrolosangeles

dawrightstuff7 @metrolosangeles The 224 Route’s service needs to improve. Busses passing without any indidcation that they are “Not In Service” is not okay

Grahas @metrolosangeles grr your fairboxes don’t take $2 bills

HLP90042 Last night’s @metrolosangeles triple-car Gold Line was luxurious compared to Sunday morning’s single car sardine trains.

Gatoona #metrolosangeles 720 is packed like usual. Purple Line extension, save us now.

thebusbench @AlexBCT the 33/733 is insane. Many people on the Eastside use it to reach the beach, it’s always crowded USE your product #metrolosangeles

photolarry @metrolosangeles rode line 720 express down Wilshire getting horrible lately with rude inconsiderate operators whom are not safe drivers!

kitchen @metrolosangeles sepulveda is what, 60 miles long? why there is no single bus which covers it all… valley -> lax is currently painful

@kitchen, for Valley to LAX travel don’t forget the Van Nuys FlyAway which leaves from its own bus terminal at Van Nuys Airport (7610 Woodley Avenue), costs $7 for a one-way trip and is served by Metro lines 169 and 236/237.


benhardy Pleasantly surprising new commute: SaMo Big Blue Bus 10 + @metrolosangeles Gold Line to Pasadena = door to door in an hour. Beats driving!

fushigicorn @metrolosangeles i used to hate public transit but now im becoming a proud supporter of it. i have to thank you for what you’re doing for LA

Kythera Another good transit day! #metrolosangeles

PeltFrelken Wilshire Rapid driver this a.m. called out the stops on the mic, old school style. I like it. #metrolosangeles

PeltFrelken @metrolosangeles The 920 Rapid Express gets you there, posthaste. Thx. #metrolosangeles

@PeltFrelken, you’re definitely going to want to attend the public hearing tomorrow for the proposed bus service changes in December – the 920 is on the chopping block! Case in point:

GayTownKTown @curbedLA @streetsblog @metrolosangeles 920 bus service may be cut! NOOOOOOO!!! #save920

Good ideas:

djonesix @metrolosangeles there’s a lot of nice pieces out there praising 30/10. how about presenting or linking to some arguments against it?

LoveFreshBread @metrolosangeles Great Harvest Bread co. right off the Mission Station Gold Line. Follow us for commuter lunch specials.

thebusbench Transit inclusive idea. If event ends after 9pm, do a mocktripplan via #metrolosangeles, only 1 bus per hour leaving? Not inclusive.

In response to our Subway Extension parking poll, a few tweets came in asking for a different kind of parking:

kitchen @metrolosangeles plenty of BIKE parking, perhaps.

baconqurlyq @metrolosangeles I second @kitchen. Plenty of bike parking!

Out and about:

Gatoona A couple is making out inside a #metrolosangeles bus right in front of me. How #romantic.

gbrey Riding the Blue Line @metrolosangeles on the way to the LBC for tha Funk Fest! Jus chillin

Gatoona Heading to East Los Angeles via the #metrolosangeles Gold Line to take some awesome photos. It’s culture time.

nbrunskill Finally made some time to catch up on reading on my way to work thanks to @metrolosangeles & Big Blue Bus.

VickiRaisens Heading downtown for a little photography and lunch w/ @billyreynolds..doing car and @metrolosangeles today


@neontommy Everyone goes through Facebook drama: @metrolosangeles explains why they deleted Facebook comments http://tinyurl.com/37tjfls

Photos on the go:

HLP90042 New mobile billboards on @metrolosangeles Gold Line: http://yfrog.com/jcrbrsj “Smooth Ride.” hawrhawr, get it?

thelox714 @metrolosangeles Check out my metro pics – http://tinyurl.com/metropics

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