Anti-graffiti efforts on the Expo Line

Carter Rubin, a regular Source reader, recently emailed us a good question:

I’ve been seeing all these nice areal structures going up for the Expo Line and thinking about how great it’s going to be to have Expo come out to me in Culver City. But I’m concerned that as soon as they take down the fences, taggers are going to be all over the fresh new concrete. I appreciate street art a lot (big Banksy fan), but the last thing I want is for some kids to muss up this huge investment with their spray-scrawled initials and what-have-yous.

So, are there any plans at Metro, LA City Public works, or other relevant agencies, to try to stop graffiti before it starts? I’d hate to put anything (even superficial, like a dingy environment) between people and enhanced mobility.

Here’s the answer, courtesy of officials at the Expo Line Construction Authority:

All surfaces accessible to the public are being coated with an anti-graffiti coating to facilitate removal of graffiti.  Soundwalls, MSE walls and other structures such as Communications and Control Systems buildings are being screened by vines and other landscaping where possible to reduce graffiti opportunities. Metro has a policy of removing graffiti within 24 hours which has proven effective in discouraging graffiti artist from targeting Metro facilities.

So there you go. I’m pleased to see some thought is being given to this, especially in light of some of the great damage taggers incur on infrastructure around town.

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