Why I Ride: Paula Faust, TAP Administrator

Why I Ride

Why I Ride‘ is a series where Metro employees share their transit routines – read more about the concept here.

Name: Paula Faust
Position: TAP Adminstrator

How often do you take transit?

Five days a week. On rare occasions I do have to drive my car. Not very happy about that.

If so, what lines/routes?

I live in Lakewood and take the Blue Line to the Red Line into my job at the Gateway building.

Are you car-free? If so, why? If not, why not?

Not completely car –free. I use transit for my commute to work. However, my family (husband and three kids, son-23, two girls, 19 and 17 and I) use transit to go to fun places on the weekend, Hollywood, LA Live, Staples Center, Hollywood Bowl, Coliseum for USC Football Games, Universal City Walk. )

Do you use any other alternative transportation (bicycle, rideshare, etc)?

Not really.

What is your job at Metro?

I work with the TAP program.

Do you think being a regular Metro rider is important to your job?

Absolutely. It gives me one of the best perspectives of how, why and to whom Metro provides service to in Los Angeles County.

Why do you love transit?

I LOVE how much I am saving in gas! I also was able to reduce my car insurance because I only drive to the train station and back. The predictability of the train also sets a good tone for my workday. I don’t have to leave it up to the unpredictability of traffic whether my day is going to start out on the wrong foot.

Is there anything else you’d like to add (anecdote, advice, etc)?

I moonlight as a standup comic, so I find my daily rides very inspirational to say the least.